Le sens du Réel

Institutionalising Regions

de Pierre CHABAL

This collective book Institutionalising Regions (27 authors) and its companion volume Régions, Institutions, Politiques (15 authors) also published by APOPSIX, not as a translation but as an additional volume, are about regions. More precisely, this book looks at two regions, Europe and East Asia, both in a specific timeframe : the post cold war which has opened up political borders to enhanced exchanges, and in a specific evolutionary dynamic : from regionalism to interregionalism. It aims to contribute to paving the way for a continuing reflection on world regions in the 21st century. From as broad a comparative perspective as possible, it approaches the “regional phenomenon” since 1991 as the fundamental, global evolution in international relations. What a region is, its values, its theoretical security, as well as East Asia in particular, its international relations and local government, are all examined. The analyses contained in this volume are by no means definitive nor final and the authors’ hope is that its contents will fuel discussion, academic as well as general, on the world regions in the years to come.

A propos de l'auteur :

Maître de conférences en Sciences politiques à l'Université du Havre, membre du laboratoire GREDFIC, auteur de nombreux articles, notamment "Intégrer la Turquie dans l'Union européenne : une nécessité" paru dans le n° 387 de la revue Futuribles (juillet-août 2012).

Institutionalising Regions
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